Get Your Home Septic Tank Pumped and Repaired

Get Your Home Septic Tank Pumped and Repaired

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You don't want your septic tank to leak or overflow. Ensuring that this doesn't happen requires regular septic tank pumping. R.L. Frank Septic Service will pump your septic tank at a fair price.

We can also make some minor repairs on your septic tank and even retrofit parts of your old septic tank to bring it up to modern standards.

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R.L. Frank Septic Service can help you with a number of residential septic tank needs. We are licensed in Yellowstone, Stillwater, Carbon, Golden Valley and Sweet Grass Counties.

We can:

  • Pump your tank
  • Offer minor tank repairs
  • Do retrofits for older tanks and systems that don't have filters
  • Replacement riser lids
  • Install effluent filters

We also provide a type of replacement lid that's made of concrete and is cast with riser pipes that come up to ground level, improving access to tanks without digging.